A branch of the non-profit Parenteral Drug Association (PDA), the Delaware Valley Chapter serves as a forum through which technical professionals in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Southern New Jersey advance the science of development, manufacturing release and marketing of parenteral pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, and chemicals.

Our chapter hosts regular networking events that feature presentations by thought leaders in R&D, Manufacturing, Quality, and Regulatory Affairs. Our meetings provide opportunities for members to make new connections and to hone their technical expertise through interactive discussions. We curate the presentations, reports, and white papers contributed by our experts in our "Knowledge Center", a digital database which can be referenced by all of our members. In addition, our chapter aggregates and publishes job opportunities from across the industry. Finally, our chapter invests in the next generation of scientists by endowing scholarships for primary school students in nearby Philadelphia.

Founded in the 1990’s, PDA Delaware Valley is a regional chapter of PDA that serves technical professionals in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. As a community of leaders from different functional areas, our chapter embodies the PDA’s mission of “Connecting People, Science, and Regulation:”

  • People – Networking events that attract core companies, vendors, and academic institutions
  • Science - Expert-led roundtables and symposiums on industry best-practices
  • Regulation - Peer-Reviewed White Papers and Technical Reports on FDA guidelines

A non-profit organization, PDA Delaware Valley donates a majority of our profits to impoverished school districts in our community. Please check out the Community Outreach section to learn more about our charitable contributions.




Leo currently serves as the Quality Head for Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a member of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies. Leo has also held roles of Franchise Director, Medical Devices Source Quality, External Manufacturing Quality Leader and Site Quality Leader within Johnson & Johnson Consumer, Inc. Prior to joining Johnson & Johnson, Leo served in Regulatory Compliance and Laboratory Operation roles within Merck & Co. Leo has served the Delaware Valley Chapter for many years and looks forward to contributing towards the great work the Chapter provides to the industry.



Bill is recently retired from GlaxoSmithKline in Sterile Manufacturing. Thankfully, Bill continues to support the chapter. He has over 38 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry specializing in the pharmaceutical development and manufacture. Bill has been involved in the DV Chapter of PDA for over 7 years. Currently serving as the Treasurer. One thing that Bill has been passionate about as treasurer is his accurate recordkeeping and reporting.



Chris works with pharmacists to design, build and operate compliant compounding facilities. He recently retired from Merck, where he worked for five years on innovative implementation and validation, including Single Use Systems globally. Previously, he was Director of Quality Operations for Wyeth Pharmaceuticals for 12 years with responsibility for setting validation standards and validation activities globally. His research experience includes responsibility for Quality in the U.S. operations of the Sanofi Research Division, and earlier as a plant manager for the Johnson & Johnson family of companies. Chris has been a member of the Parenteral Drug Association (“PDA”), as well as a member of the PDA Science Advisory Board.